"Delayed delivery" option for email messages in eM?

I am used to using Outlook and I use the Delayed Delivery option a lot.  I cannot find this feature in eM.  Is it an option for email messages?

Hello Matt, we’re working on this feature for future releases of eM Client, however it is not currently a part of the application.

Alright. Thanks.  Paul, would you please tell me what the purpose is for the “All Mail” folder?

Hello again, All Mail folders is a Gmail folder used essentially as an /archive folder, so all your items should be synchronised with this folder if you still have them available on the server. You can use the archive button in your Inbox to move items from Inbox to the All Mail folder.

All Mail folder is by default not synchronised with the client automatically but only when you open the folder in eM client.

Hope this helps,

Has this been added to EM Client yet?