Delay send e-mails

I usually set up my e-mail clients to delay for some time the sending process to avoid mistakes, and we have time to fix them.

Then, my request is to create an option in setup to delay send e-mail by XX minutes.

Thank you in advance

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, we have a topic for this Idea feature here on the forum already, the feature is currently under consideration and should be added in future releases.
No exact date yet for the official release though.

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Okay it’s been two years.  I’m reading eM blogs that Version 7 is coming.  

Have you guys figured out how to implement Delayed Send in Version 7, or is the response the same “vaporware” response as before?

Hi Ed,
Delayed send is actually a feature we implemented in version 7 as you can read on our blog >…
Version 7 is currently in Alpha testing phase.

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Hey Olivia,
Does version 7 include the option to delay send with a specific, fixed, time?
For example, I would like all my mails to always be sent 2 minutes after I press the send button, without the need to configure each mail separately. 
Does this feature exists?

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No, that feature is not available.  I’m not sure how many people have a specific need for what you have described.

Thanks for the quick reply Ed.
Well, that feature is available with outlook (where I encountered it in my previous workplace).
It allows the mail’s author time to double check and, if need be, fix the mail. I guess it is mostly useful when working with emails extensively with multiple recipients.
For example:
a. Accidently ‘reply all’ instead of reply
b. Replying to mail thread and immediately after discovering that the mail 
c. Replying to a mail and discovering you have more (or new) information to include


The current delayed send defaults to the last delay you used, so if you have ten emails you have to reply to, you could set them all for say 10 minutes into the future and then if you use delayed send, your last date/time will appear in the popup window for you, so that may be close to what you are looking for with eM Client.

Thanks again Ed.
Sadly, this will do not answer my needs.
To start with, the delay is set to a specific date and time while I am looking for a relative delay. i.e. whenever I send a mail, I would like it to be delayed by 2 min.
In addition, the delay send option requires too many actions to be available quickly for each mail.


Well, it sounds like Outlook is the tool for you then.  I scrapped Outlook years ago because I found myself spending far too much time waiting for it to process whatever it was processing, and I was always spending time trying to master archiving and other tasks to get it to run quickly.  Finally I gave up.   

with eM Client, if you have trouble (and you have paid for maintenance) someone jumps in to help and the issues are resolved forever.

Before eM Client implemented delayed send I used LetterMeLater and that was an acceptable solution, but the current delayed send in eM Client is far better for my specific needs.  There are other delayed mail tools available as well, so you might want to explore them.

Bottom line, I understand that this feature does not exist with eM Client.
I put it out there as an ER for the eM Client team, hopefully, it will be picked up at some point.
At the meantime, I will search for alternative tools as you suggested.
I appreciate your help.

There are several EM forum posts on Delay Sending Emails, some with various ways to do this.  Here’s how to make it work:

  1. Tools > Settings > General: click on General.  Set Synchronization to, say, 5 minutes.
  2. Tools > Settings > Mail > Send: Uncheck “Send Messages Immediately”
  3. At this point, EM will only send mails every 5 minutes unless you click the “Refresh” button at which time it will send immediately.
  4. These “delayed” messages will NOT show up in your Outbox…this is what was throwing me for a loop.  Seems odd, but EM sticks them in your Local Outbox. (Found this in the forum.)  
  5. To see your local folders:Tools > Settings > General: click on General. Check “Show Local Folders”. 
  6. After “sending” your composed email, a number (i.e. “1”) will show how many unsent messages are in your Outbox.
    Its a shame that EM doesn’t have better instructions.  I have spent a LOT of time researching this and had a lot of frustration over this feature.  However, once setup like above, this function works exactly like I want it too with the exception that the unsent message is not stored on my email server’s Outbox.