Delay in opening most emails

Being new to eM Client, it seems to take a very long time to open up emails - not every one but quite a lot of them. The little symbol goes round and round for up to 30 seconds - is this normal? If not, how can I speed up the process?

I have same problem and need a solution. What happens is that text of the e-mail comes up briefly (0.3 seconds) and then dissapears and the symbol goes round for a long time before the e-mail shows.

what version of eM Client are you using?

Hello. I am using Version 4.0.15145.0

Install the latest version of eM Client from here:… and let me know if it helps.

Hi , …

Is this old problem really solved ??

I have the very latest email versión (7.0.26134.0   latest versión of email 7) and I get the same problem (…was no getting this , with versión 6).

Every time I open an individual mail , it takes about 40 to 60 secs , before I can see the actual text of the mail. It only happens when I open a mail. Second time I open this same mail , it goes fast.

I am using eMail against a Gmail account.

Thanks for your answer and for your great work guys.



Hi, I’m also experiencing something similar. Every time opening downloaded emails (database is stored on SSD), takes 3-5 sec. And there’s just few emails in this account. And it’s the only account added now in eM. Can it be optmized somehow? v.7.0.26687.0

Hello Alexey,
this a very old post and the cause of the issue might not be the same.

Please download the latest version of eM Client here -
Current version is 7.0.27744.0, see if the issue persists.

What account do you have set up? Is it using IMAP/POP/Exchange service?