Delay before email contents are displayed

Is there any way to stop the buffering circle each time I open an email?
By this I mean when I click on an email I briefly see it then it goes and I just a circle whilst I’m guessing it’s downloading images or something. This can be for several seconds and if I look at another email and go back to the original it does it again.

this should be fixed in the version 5.

In my case this buffering circle stays forever for some emails!!! This is really embarrassing! I’m going to uninstall this slow software. I may not reconsider it unless these delay bugs are fixed.

Do you think you could forward me the problematic message? It would help us to find a cause of the problem. My email is
Thank you.

I can confirm the the version 5 release candidate fixed this issue for me

This is still buffering and I have just downloaded the up to date version 8.2.1706 (ff33fb0).