Defining friendly name and 'reply-to' e-mail address for an Alias

When I set up eM Client I took the opportunity to use the ‘migrate from Thunderbird’ option which worked flawlessly.  This included for aliased e-mail addresses that I had set up in Thunderbird. For example imagine that account (not my real address) was set up in Thunderbird to allow me to use it to send ‘from’ with this also as the ‘reply-to’ address and friendly name “Fred”.  This worked - as it does too when I use it from eM Client.

When I create new Aliases via eM Client though (Tools / Accounts / General tab / Aliases button) I cannot see anywhere to enter a friendly name.  The result is that e-mails sent ‘from’ carry the friendly name of the master account used to send them, not ‘Fred’.  To make it worse, replying to such an e-mail also uses the master account’s e-mail address, not the alias e-mail address

How do I solve this please and ensure that the correct friendly name, from, and reply-to address of an alias is seen by the recipient with the ‘carrying’ e-mail account completely absent?

Sincere thanks.

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Hello, unfortunately custom display name for aliases is currently not a supported option in eM Client, custom reply-to option unfortunately neither, so it’s not possible to setup these options in the current release of eM Client. However we would most definitely like to improve this in future releases of eM Client as it’s already been added as an idea and suggestion topic here on the forum in the past.


Hi Paul,

Thank you for your prompt reply.  I am pleased that the two features are already under discussion and hope they come to fruition soon; I switched from Thunderbird because the latter had become clunky - and for some reason - unreliable with but the mentioned features are important to me.  I am the unpaid secretary of a life saving charity where I need to be able to reply to e-mail using my charity e-mail address - but I have no access to the server.  Charity e-mail addressed to me is forwarded to my “real address” from where I reply to it - and start new e-mail - sent via

For the time being I will continue with web mail but will resume using em Client when the features are ready.

Two final questions please:

  1. Where should I monitor to see progress please, and ultimately to learn of release?
  2. How come the original aliases set up in Thunderbird and migrated to em Client work exactly as required even though new ones created in em Client don’t?  Implication is that it is only the GUI aspect that is missing in em Client, the business logic already being present.

Thanks again.

Hi again Paul,

A short update to say that by using gmail as the “carrier” I have got this to work in em Client apart from the friendly name.  This was triggered by me realising that the existing setup that worked was using gmail not Outlook as thought (It was set up a long time ago and has run flawlessly so I had never had to refresh my memory before).  Outlook does not support what I wish since it limits to additional accounts have an domain from what I can see.

For the benefit of anyone else with the same question, here is how I did it:

  1. Connected to gmail web client using the “carrier” account
  2. In Settings / Accounts selected “add a new account”
  3. Typed the friendly name and e-mail address that I wish to send ‘from’
  4. Pressed Next
  5. Here, entered the gmail server and port (465) together with my gmail username and password
  6. A confirmatory e-mail with link in it was sent to the account I was adding
  7. I logged in to this account and clicked the link to authenticate it
  8. I now started eM Client and opened Accounts
  9. In here I added the new account as an Alias to the same “carrying” (gmail) account used above
  10. I can now send ‘from’ the new account - and when the receiver hits ‘reply’ they reply to it, not the gmail account that originally sent it.  In the gmail account I also receive e-mail sent to the new account since this is what the forwarder has been set up to do - so I can hit ‘reply’ and send it from the new account without needing to change anything.

The downside is that Google now has tabs on more of me than before but the upside is that I have all that I wish bar friendly name (defined in gmail but ignored in eM Client).

Thanks for the ‘like’.  I am glad that this was useful.

One other item to add that I have personally found to be useful.  My profession requires global travel.  This means two things applicable to this thread:

  1. Moving countries requires constant reauthentication on arrival of my Microsoft e-mail accounts (Hotmail and Outlook) when accessed by eM Client (or Thunderbird previously) as opposed to webmail
  2. Whenever I am located in any of my employer’s offices all connection to the public internet - regardless of where I am in the world - is via VPN to one “exit point” in the country of our global HQ.  This confuses the hell out of Microsoft mail services such as Hotmail and Outlook which think that in teleporting myself (as far as they see) from one country to another in a heartbeat, my mail account security has been compromised.  I get truly fed up with the constant re-authentication required by logging in from a hotel, walking to the office, logging in again - and appearing as if I have jumped continents in less time than I could possibly do so for real.  
    For whatever reason, gmail accessed by a third party tool such as eM Client does not suffer from this affliction; by using a gmail account to collect all incoming Microsoft mail (by forwarding to it) and using the same gmail account to send it (via the alias technique shown above), Happy Days resume.  No constant reauthentication if I wish to use eM Client to collect all mail in one place and have local copies for offline use on the flight home.