Define what Name:Value Pair means in rules

I am trying to filter emails having particular words in the header. When I select the "with words found in header rule the “Enter new word” box states header words must be specified as Name: Value pairs. What does this mean and what is the correct syntax for specifying a particular or phrase?

You have to specify an area(line) in header where you want to find a word, because in this case you cannot search the whole header. This is usually used when you need to create more advanced rule which allows you filter incoming mails by date, return address, anti-spam stamps etc. Here are a few examples: Date: August, reply-to:, X-MS-Exchange-Organization-SenderIdResult: Neutral etc.

Is there a simple understanding that can be provided in less computer lingo.

Thank you George for replying so promply. However, like Dick Davis I’m not any wiser.

To clarify my issue, in OE I can specify a word or words in the header “Where the To or CC line contains” a word. I then set the rule to move that email to a given folder.

In Em I can specify a word in the “Subject” line or “Body Text” and move the email to a specified folder. That works a treat. However, I would like to do that via the header as I can in OE.

George, your reply brings to mind the saying, “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day; teach a man to fish, eats for life.” You gave us two small fish and a porcupine.

So, we now know that we can use "Date: " and “reply-to”. Any others? Are we supposed to guess, based on other rule templates?

Why aren’t all the possibilities listed somewhere?! Like, in the documentation (aka Help file).

You can learn a lot if you choose an email and view its source or headers