Define standard user for event invitations

Creating a new event in the calendar with an participant triggers an invitation mail.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find an option to define which outgoing standard mail is used for the sending of invitations.
I have 2 calenders (caldav) and 2 Mail adresses (imap/smtp) but both calendars send the invitations with the first created mail account. I can change it manually by clicking “schedule” in the event and change to account.

Is there an options to set a standard mail account to a specific calendar?

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Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible in eM Client. However, I’ll change this topic to Idea so other users can add their votes/comments under it. 
Then during the development of the next version, we’ll take it into account.


Same need here.
Outlook is completely flexible with that and it is a really important feature as most of email services doesn’t includes calDav options.
Do you have any plan to have this feature included?