Define standard user for event invitations

Creating a new event in the calendar with an participant triggers an invitation mail.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find an option to define which outgoing standard mail is used for the sending of invitations.
I have 2 calenders (caldav) and 2 Mail adresses (imap/smtp) but both calendars send the invitations with the first created mail account. I can change it manually by clicking “schedule” in the event and change to account.

Is there an options to set a standard mail account to a specific calendar?



Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible in eM Client. However, I’ll change this topic to Idea so other users can add their votes/comments under it. 
Then during the development of the next version, we’ll take it into account.


Same need here.
Outlook is completely flexible with that and it is a really important feature as most of email services doesn’t includes calDav options.
Do you have any plan to have this feature included?

An option to choose the IMAP email account used for sending invitations per local calendar would be highly appreciated!

And/Or an easy option to change the used IMAP email account per invitation before saving it would be great, too.
A dropdown like for sending emails.

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If the event is in your Local Folder calendar, eM Client will use the default email account to send the invitation.

If the event is in a calendar associated with an email account, say a Google Calendar, the Google server, not eM Client, will be used to send the invitation.

So you can indirectly choose which email account to send the invitation from; just create it in the appropriate calendar.


But I only have local calendars (or actually only one at the moment) and multiple IMAP accounts of my own domain.
So I have no email accounts that have an associated calendar account or something like that.