Default signature for alias and threaded conversations

2 questions, really:

  1. I want to set a default signature for an alias, similar to what is already there for Accounts. When I choose an alias for the From address or reply to an email with the alias, the signature should match the alias instead of the main account. How do I set this up?

  2. With the volume of email I use, I need threaded conversations, but I can’t find the setting. How do I group conversations?

I do a ton of app reviews and software recommendations for my clients (my hubby calls me the App Pimp). Fix these 2 things and eM Client will be my email account of choice for my clients.


I apologize for the late reply. Signatures for aliases are coming in version 7 - it probably won’t make the release but we’ll definitely be adding it later.

As for threaded conversations, those are already in the version 7 beta, which you can download here:…

Hope that helps.


Hi has this been added yet?

This hasn’t been implemented yet, doesn’t seem like it made the cut for version 7 after all, this has been requested a few times already, maybe version 8 will be the one? :stuck_out_tongue: