Default settings for calendar events

Default settings for calendar where you can specify if new events should have reminders, to be free, or automatically all-day events?

Hi Benjamin, if you right click the calendar folder and select Properties, you can setup the default reminder for this calendar, but unfortunately there’s no setting to enable automatically add free events or all day events.
Maybe in future releases of eM Client.

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Where is the Calendar “folder” to which you are referring?

Hi Sue,
Paul meant the Calendar items as you see them in the left side menu. Technically, each calendar is just a folder with list of events inside.
Hope that clears it up a bit.

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Thank you for the reply.I only use emClient for 1 mail account.When I right click the calendar in the left column,the only option I have is to remove it from the left column.If I left click,it opens my calendar.I will attach a screen shot .I was also reading that setting a default reminder time was implemented some time ago.I can’t find a way to do this.I have the latest version installed 6.0.23421.0

Hi Sue,
this is what I meant, you need to actually be inside the Calendar section and click on the individual Calendar folders:

In the properties window you can set up the reminder time:

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Thank you so much,Olivia.Clear as a bell,now.