Default Email Application Error

In Settings/Mail/General it says the eM Client is not the default mail application.
However, Windows 10 Default Apps setting says that eM Client is the default.

If I generate an email from outside of eM Client, it creates an eM Client email, so that confirms eM Client is the default.

This incorrect “mixed message” bug needs to be fixed.

In Windows Settings, please go to Apps > Default Apps. Scroll down and select Set Defaults by App.

Click on eM Client, and Manage.

Are all the options set to eM Client?


Done that - all options are eM Client.

I note that now it says that eM Client is the Default email.
Presume the bug has been fixed.

It is not a bug. If you haven’t set this application as default, it will correctly report that it isn’t the default. Once you have set it as the default in your OS settings, it will report that it is the default.

The point of my query & follow up message was that from the very start eM Client WAS set as the default for email in Windows, but the eM Client setting was saying that it was NOT the default. Now, strangely, without having changed any settings, it now says eM Client IS the default.