Default behavior of new tasks

I have a few suggestions for tasks:

  • by default, could the Due date be checked rather than the start date?
  • by default, could the Reminder date be checked and be [DueDate - 1 hr.] or some user-settable value?
  • by default, could the minutes value for the dates/times be “00”?


  1. No, most users are used to this behaviour and it could cause problems.
  2. in 6th version you will be able to set this behaviour as default for whole account folder.
  3. I don’t understand what you mean by this, dates/times are in hh:mm.


Thanks for your response.

  1. I understand. Could this be configurable?
  2. Sounds great.
  3. If I create a reminder from a task, the start time is the current time e.g. 8:17 AM. Could it default to 8:00 or 9:00?
  1. no, because now it works as it has been designed and we need to focus on other issues and features.
  2. Again, this is designed like this, after you another user simply can ask for behaviour of this feature like it worked before…

We have to focus on what majority needs, that is why we will not add option to these two features in close future.

that 2. is still planned no matter what, it has been already implemented in testing version and works fine.


If users are used to one kind of behaviour and another is asked for by many users I will never understand this common developers opinion to decide for one or another instead of giving options. Esp. when these minor options would not blow up the code at all.

From 6 to 7 a few things have changed without an option to keep the old behaviour, while other things have not changed or got a new option that have been asked for for many years. One size fits all? Of course not. So why not go for options as much as possible giving users a choice instead of trying to try to force a decision of a few (developers) over many (users)?

A configurable default for “new e-mail”, “new task”, “new meeting” …
This would be GREAT!

I find this really weird. When I add a new task, I don’t mean it has started. But it seems you have reasons for not changing that behavior.

However, may I ask why, when I enter a task from the top line of the task list the status is set to “waiting on someone else” but if I use Alt+N it is “Not Started” even though in both cases you automatically set a start date and time?

My preference is that new tasks are not started, but with a reminder at some time in the future.

Making these configurable defaults would make the task list feature more useful for me.