default applications

Hi Folks,
Having a problem getting my windows 10 version to acknowledge that eM client is my default email client.
I have read several other questions and answers and have been into eM client and through Menu/Tools/Settings tried to make eM my default app.  I get a box message telling me to go to settings/apps/defaults.  when I look here eM client is registered as the default app.
Have tried changing it out and back in again restarting computer etc to no avail.
When I go to pictures and try to email one I get the box message that “no email program associated or no email program installed”
Any ideas anyone

Try this:

Settings > apps > defaults > Set defaults by app (at bottom of page) > eM Client > Manage. Then select eM Client for all file

Open Control Panel.
Go to Programs > Default Programs > Set your default programs.

Click on eM Client. Choose Choose defaults for this program.

Choose Select All.

Thanks Norman and Gary,
Off to try this now