default account not working

I recently upgraded to 7.2.33974.0. I have two email accounts setup. If I am in smart folders when I create a new email, the sender is the non default account.
This worked before the upgrade. 
I have looked at my account settings and the expected account is set as the default. Just in case, I set the default to the other account, saved and then set it back again. Same result.
Is this a bug?
I have em client on another PC which was not upgraded. That works as expected.

There is a more recent update at Install that and see if there is any difference.

Thanks Gary, the latest update fixed the bug.
Interestingly, help - check for updates did not find any updates. I had to download the package and then install.

Yes, the in-app update does not offer all releases for update.

Yeah!  Thank you John for posting this, and Gary for the answer.  I have over 10 emails addresses so I have a default set up as in case I forgot to pick the correct account to use.