DeDuplicator NOT finding the duplicates

Hi. I just installed eM Client for the first time and am generally very impressed.  I went to run Deduplicator as I have quite a few email duplicates.  It found nothing.  Ran it multiple times on the inbox but it comes back with zero results (yet it is obvious duplicates exist).  Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug??  Thanks

Hummm…great forum!!!  (NOT)

sorry for the delayed reply, what accounts do you have set up?
If you have only IMAP accounts (and have not checked the option for downloading messages for offline use) then only headers are being synchronized and so the deduplicator cannot compare the actual content of the messages.
Please go to Menu>Tools>Accounts and under IMAP tab check the options to 'Download messages for offline use) and try again.


Same here. Hundreds of double emails. Downloaded the messages but EMClient couldn’t find anything. Together with another ‘bug’ for me this EMClient seems not really stable for now. If both problems cannot be solved then I have no other alternative then to buy another client. Let’s hope for a quick solution.

No quick solution unfortenately :frowning: