Deduplicator NOT deleting emails permanently

Hello my fellow eM Client lovers.

I noticed there are several posts where the deduplicator deleted people’s emails but I haven’t found any posts where it deleted and immediately returned them. 

I ran the deduplicator it worked like a charm. It found my duplicates but it only temporarily removed them - I saw the # of emails in the folder reduced to a lower #. 

HOWEVER within a few sec all the duplicates returned. - the # of emails in the folder went back to the original #  

Has anyone encountered this problem before? any suggestions ? 

Hello Kester,
the deduplicator deleting messages completely instead of moving them to trash first was an issue that has been already resolved in the newest version.

As for your message returning - I suspect this is a safety procedure done by your server to ‘restore’ the messages because so many message being removed at once by a 3rd party application might seem dangerous.
What mail account does this happen with? Is it Gmail/Hotmail/others? I suggest looking into your server/webmail settings and see what the behaviour for IMAP is set to.

I have encountered this behaviour before with Gmail accounts - the setting that needed to be changed there was under Settings>Forwarding and POP/IMAP under the section When a message is marked as deleted and expunged from the last visible IMAP folder.
This setting is set by default to archive the message, leaving it on the server. I suggest the ‘Immediately delete the message forever’ option for this case.


Hi Olivia thanks for your reply.  I agree with you, I’m pretty sure it’s a server setting on my hotmail acct. however I didn’t find anything in settings that referred to deleted mail, don’t think hotmail provided any such options.