deduplicator doesn't work

I put emClient on my buddy’s computer.  When importing his contacts from his old laptop to the new one (XP to Win8), for some reason many, if not all of the contacts were duplicated.  I found the Deduplicator option, but that didn’t do anything.  Has anyone figured out a way to successfully deduplicate contacts without manually deleting one-by-one?  He has over 1,000 contacts individually, and some contacts were duplicated two or three times so the number is up around 2,500 total.  Thanks

Hi Zachary, what version of eM client are you currently using? Do you have the duplicated contacts in the same (single) contacts folder?
What options did you use while using the deduplicator, can you possibly create a screenshot of the pre-deduplication setup?

To deduplicate contacts in the same folder, you should use contact as item type > select folders you want to go through and either select to go through a group of folders or a single folder.

Hope this helps,