deduplicator deleted everything

I have two accounts set up in EM client. A personal account and a school account. I have been using the client for a while, and I like it. I found the deduplicator function and decided to run it. After running, I discovered that, although it had left my school account virtually untouched, it deleted every email in my personal (Gmail) account). About 14000 emails. Has anyone else had a similar problem? What might have been the cause?

Hello Noah,
the deduplicator will not remove anything unless you confirm it. It is advised to check what the tool found before removing anything.

Can I just ask what version of eM Client did this happen in? Full number is found in Menu>Help>About.

I did click confirm, because I was curious where it had found so many duplicates, and I had been meaning to clear out my inbox anyway, but it is strange that it decided that my entire mailbox was a duplicate.
I am currently using version 7.0.27943.0

Hello Noah,
I was unfortunately not able to replicate the issue with a testing Gmail account in the same version.
Are your messages really gone or are they perhaps still on the server? Have you checked the All Mail folder?

Could you perhaps get the exact setting you set on the deduplicator before you ran it so we can test it?