Deduplicator also deletes mails from server

When removing duplicates, this deletes mails from server (IMAP). Mails are lost as a result.

Could the function not affect mails on server?

Hi, what mail service are you using? The deduplicator can not be set to not affect the server side,
deduplicator should be used for emails that are duplicated on the server as well. If you’re using IMAP, the server will always contain the same data as your client.

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I’m using IMAP, but don’t want it synchronized to the server. I can’t remove unwanted mails this way. Currently, duplicate mails are deleted.

Hi again Adrian,
IMAP can not be setup to not be syncronized with the server, this a the protocol’s feature, so you can see the same content on all your devices.

You can either setup a POP3 account that does not synchronize your folders and only receives new mail and stores it locally or you can use the deduplicator to not delete the emails but just move them to a different folder.

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