Dead Links!

Whenever i embed a URL link (e.g. anywhere in the body of an email, the recipient of the email can’t click on the link… that is, the link is not active on their end. Doesn’t seem to matter what email tool they are using. The only thing they can do is cut$paste the URL to their web browser… very 2nd millenium.

Please help as this is quite frustrating.

I wasn’t able to simulate the issue. Can you please send me some of the problematic emails to ? The best way would be to save it to eml file and send it to me or at least forward. Thanks.

I have the same problem. Everytime I forward an email using email client to anyone in my address book, the link goes dead and the recipient cannot click on the link as the hyperlinks are disabled. The only way they can see the website link that I am forwarding to them is by copying and pasting it into their web browser. This is very frustrating!!

I found this also, when using Send Link from context menu. I worked around by selecting the link in my e-mail, and then Link from the Insert menu. This activates the link, as tested just now by sending a test email from my Win7 PC to my partner. The weblink opened as expected in Safari from her Mac Mail.
It would be good if the an active link was created automatically by eM Client - why else would you send a link?