dead file by mistake

I clicked by mistake in the function to move the email to DEAD FILE (arquivo morto in Portuguese). How do I restore this email?

Dead file means Trash?

Hello Alessandro. You open the trash, you find the mail concerned. You look at the date 
(on the right) Then you click (left) on this one and you drag 
it in the box of reception. And there, it will be classified by date.

Be careful with GMail (and some other) accounts. Dragging the message from Trash sometimes removes the label from the message so it will end up in All Mail and not the intended folder. A workaround is to copy the message from Trash to the original folder.

The one with a red arrow

Hi Jean Pierre, thanks but it is not Deleted Files neither Electronic Trash. Both I can reach deleted emails…but this “Move to Dead Archive” I don’t know to where it goes.

There is no “Dead Archive” in eM Client, so there must be something lost in the translation.

The options are to either move a message to Junk or move to folder.

If you have selected to move the message to Junk,  you can go to the Junk folder and move it back to your Inbox. If you have mistakenly chosen to move to Junk and blacklist the address or the domain, then you con remove the address from the Blacklist. You will find this in Menu > Tools > Rules. Edit the Blacklist Rule to remove the address.