DBRepair stopped working because of System.Transactions.dll not running. Any help?

DBRepair stopped working

Try repairing the install.Start     Program Files    find emclient      right click   select repair 
then reboot

Also look at reinstalling .NET Framework, as system.transactions.dll is a component of that.

Richard:  The system can’t find setup(2)msi so the repair won’t run.

You can download and install the latest version from http://www.emclient.com/release-history. If this is the same version you have installed, you will be prompted to perform a repair.

Gary:  Got it!

Gary:  The install didn’t ask for a repair.  It just installed the whole thing…

If it did not offer a repair, that means it is probably a newer version.

See how that goes.

I went to Programs and Features and tried a repair, and the repair was ok.  Tried to run eM Client again, but got the same result.  Tried a repair of .NET Framework and that failed.

Did you restart the computer?