Dates import incorrectly from Outlook 2007

In version 3.0.9543.0 : email imported from Outlook 2007 have incorrect times in the “received” column. Specifically, the time of imported emails seems to show 3 hours before the actual time they came in. I am in the Eastern Daylight Time zone. Also, some email dates shown in the “sent items” folder in the “received” column show the date as 12/31/4500 when the actual date shown when you open the email is between September 29th 2009 and 12/18/2008.

More on “sent items” date problem: also noticed dates in the range February 15, 2010 through March 21, 2011 when viewing the date after opening up the email, also showed up in “received” column as 12/31/4500.

It just occured to me that the “received” field is not that important in a “sent” type folder. I removed that field and used the “sent” field instead. Everything seems to be sorted and displaying fine in the “sent” folders now. The time discrepancy is the only concern now.