dates double entered on PC


since a few weeks I have a problem on one of my PCs. And only on this one.
When I add an appointment, it will shown twice. but only on this PC!
So all appointments I create on this PC are double in Calendar
It doesn’t matter in which calendar I write this appointment. But all calendars are synced over caldav.
The appointments are NOT shown double in webview, on my handy or other PCs.

I tried to re-install EM Client and add all accounts new and fresh - but no improvement…

any ideas for me?

thanks and greets!

Check that the CalDAV is not setup twice. It is possible that you have setup the CalDAV, but it is also part of an email account. Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and see if there is not an extra CalDAV tab anywhere.

Which email provider are you using?

I checked it! But this is not the problem
Email and Calendar are different services. Email over my webspace provider and the different calendars over my owncloud or other systems with caldav sync.

OK. Could be that the database is corrupt.

You can right-click on the affected calendar and choose Properties > Repair. This will force a resync with the server.

You can also close eM Client and run C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\DbRepair.exe.

It did nor helped :frowning:
I have noticed that the double appointment appear when emclient have synced.
First the new appointment is only visible oncy, and when I start sync it comes a second time…

You could try opening eM Client with a blank database, then setup only the CalDAV (nothing else) and see if the issue is still there.

To do that first make a backup of eM Client (Menu > File > Backup) then close eM Client and delete the C:\Users_username_\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\ folder. You may need to enable hidden items in Windows Explorer to get there. 

When you restart eM Client, you will have an empty database. Setup your CalDAV and see what happens.

If that does not make any difference you can restore your old database (Menu > File > Restore).

I exacly did what you wrote, but same problem… :-/

So what is different between the two computers?

If they are configured with the same accounts, backup (Menu > File > Backup) on the one that is working, and restore it on the one that is not.

The problem-computer is the one in my office (EMClient 7), the other ones are at home (EMClient 6) an my surface (EMClient 7)
I can try to backup and restore, can you tell me where on PC the backupfile is saved? I did not find…

Ok I found it!
And… no change :frowning: Same problem

If you backup the ver 7 one that does not have an issue, and restore it on the ver 7 one that does have the issue, then they will both be exactly the same so neither of them will have the issue.

Maybe open a support ticket with eM Client and they will be able to assist you further.