Database verification and repairing failed

Laptop powered down (yeah , I know, check the plug) and when it rebooted I got the ‘database verification failed’. I’ve updated the s/w to the latest version and I’ve run the dbrepair prog as advised in another posting in this forum.

Problem still persists. Is there anything else I can do?

Hmm - so - I did a couple of reboots - just to see if that helped. It didn’t. Then AVG announced it needed a database update. That ran & rebooted. Now eM Client runs. Bizarre. I’m a happy if somewhat mystified camper.

I’ve read in other threads that AVG is sometimes causing issues with eM Client, but I don’t know when and what kind of issues.

AVG is known for having issues with eM Client, but if you are able to use eM client now without problem, I will consider this thread now as solved.


Well, eM Client now reads it’s mail - but AVG is complaining because the outgoing mail is ‘encrypted’ - and therefore it doesn’t go. Time to lose AVG I think. Love eM Client though.

I can recommend Bitdefender as antivirus / firewall program.

This is what I would suggest by myself.