Database recovery from alphanumerical temp folders


How can we get eM Client to restore the email database from the alphanumerical folders it automatically generates? One of computers has been subject to frequent unpredictable crashes. When starting eM Client after reboot, the database was systematically checked for errors and always turned out all-right. One day however, the integrity checking feature opened the client on a blank database. Yet, all the recovery folders with long alphanumerical string names are still there with some large files in them so I suppose the database was not deleted. Can eM Client’s support department guide us on how to retrieve a functional database from such folders? We are ready to renew our subscription to VIP Support but would like to get confirmation that the support team can actually help with this kind of issue.

Thank you, in advance, for your attention and reply.

The best option is to delete the database and restore your most recent backup.

Copying individual files and folders from one database to another is not recommended, and in most most instances will not work as the files are not individually usable. They need to be a part of the complete original database.

Thank you again for your attention and reply.

Our most “recent” backup is old and we fully admit negligence on our part here.

Aren’t these folders bearing names with long alphanumerical strings complete databases per se? Wouldn’t there be a way for eM Client to at least check them for integrity, open them then export their content as individual emails in .eml format that could later on be imported into a brand new database?

Was our previous database deleted or are its folders and files still somewhere? It would be a shame that there would be no way to at least forensically retrieve emails from a broken database in order to rebuild a new one. A troublesome and time-consuming solution admittedly compared to restoring a backup for sure, but one that would be much preferable to loosing data.