Database not releasing free space

Good day!

We have deleted ±20 000 mails out of archive, and I know we can expect more than 3GB space to be released.

We ran MailClient.exe /dbrepair, but the database is still showing that used size…

Please advise?


martes 18 junio 2024 :: 1007hrs (UTC +0100)

Maybe a stupid question; have you completely shut down, rebooted, eMC and your system?


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If you deleted the messages, and they are still in the Trash, the database size won’t change. You will need to empty the Trash as well.

Also, the database maintenance that runs in the background to prune the data is low priority, so the change in size won’t be instant.

If you need it to be, once you have deleted the messages and emptied the Trash, make a backup, then restore that same backup. The data will be optimised for the backup, and the restore will replace the database again with that.

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Good day Gary!
Thanks, emails was removed from trash.

What is the schedule on the prune task?

Interesting workaround, but it will take very long on the size of mailbox.

Hi Skybat! I have restarted eMC but not yet system…

It has been more than 24 hours and the prune task was not executed yet…
Any ideas on how we can force this without the backup/restore?