Database is not closed correctly

I often get a message when I want to open eMClient that the database was not closed correctly and that some checks need to be performed. What am I doing wrong that I get this message?

this happens when the program was not closed correctly. It is possible, that eM Client remains in the Tray - check it in your settings.

Thanks George.
How should I close the program correctly? Usually I click on x in the right top corner. Sometimes I use “file, exit”.

I get the message I mentioned when I have started my computer again (Windows 7, 64 bit) and try to open eM lient. Often I am very sure that I closed it before by clicking on X the last time.
eMClient doesn’t appear in the tray, only when I don’t close it while working (when I minimise it).

we have made some changes and hope the problem will not appear anymore. Please update to the newest version using this link:…

Hi George,

I hope you check these older posts…my issue is the same as Agens’s. Here’s what happens:

  1. I hit “Start, Shut Down” on my Windows 7 PC while eM Client is still running in the background
  2. Turn on the computer
  3. When I open eM Client, it has to do a database check.

It seems like Windows is shutting down faster than eM Client is…or that eM Client doesn’t have the ability to tell Windows to hold on.

Have you seen this issue?

I thought it has been fixed, but apparently it was not. We will try to find a solution, but meanwhile please exit eM Client manually before you shut down your computer.

Hi George,

I forgot to mention that I am using a very fast SSD and have a powerful machine, so it does shut down pretty quickly. I’ll try to remember eM Client is open and close it before shutting down.

Do you have any updates regarding this issue?
eM Client takes around 40 seconds to start in my end in normal cases.
If the database problems occur, it easily takes around 10 minutes to start.
The database shutdown problem occurs often and some times even when closed correctly,

How do you close eM Client? By red cross in the top right corner, or by File - Exit?

Most of the times via red cross, but some times via File - Exit too.
But eM Client never shows up in notification area and
“Minimize Application to Tray” and “Close Application to Tray” is not selected.

Any update on when this will be fixed?

It should be fixed in the upcoming version 5.0 which is scheduled to be released next week.

Just updated to 5.0, the problem is persisting.

How do you close eM Client? By red cross in the top right corner, or by File - Exit?

Happy to report that the problem does not occur with the new version on my computer anymore. I notice that Windows takes longer to shutdown if eM Client is running, so it must be telling Windows to hold up while it closes properly. I’ve only tested it a handful of times but so far so good!

I’m afraid it’s going backwards for me.

Since v5 it seems like there was a steady deterioration in stability. At one stage eM was using 550MB RAM then after updating again it came down to about 220MB.

On the last two occasions when eM hung up on me, I had to stop it via the Task Manager.

On start-up its took 5 hours to get back after dbrepair completed and eM seemed to function very ponderously.

Second time again hung up and another End Process! For the last 3 days since that restart I have not been able to get eM running - seems stuck in dbrepair. After 10 hours I restarted Win7 and left it overnight - same story, dbrepair still running in the morning!

The repair window indicates that It gets hung whilst checking corrupted database(?).

As a contingency I have had to resort to webmail for urgent mail monitoring. Not nice for about 15 accounts:(

For the record, I am running the latest v5 update with Win7 64 with plenty of resources. DB Repair v 5.0.17263.0

Help! Please Wilson. Is there perhaps an issue with MySQL?


Please contact me directly at [email protected] I will send you the latest version which may solve the issue and will advice you further.

I am using v5.0.17263 and still often have this problem. The most annoying thing is that it takes an eternity for eMclient to do it “checking” when I restart, as though I had millions of records (which I definitely do not).

I think it is these kinds of annoyances – small, but clearly resolvable – that if allowed to persist will keep eMclient from reaching the Big Leagues because it suggests that management is driven more by its own priorities than those of its users. And that would be a shame, because the product is basically excellent, and so is the service (a la George).

I still see the problem also, on 17263. I agree this is annoying. eM should shut itself down gracefully when the PC is shutdown so that it can start up again without requiring these checks.

Please contact me at [email protected] I will advice you further.