Database Image Malformed

How do I fix a malformed database image. What could be the cause? Is there a fix that will recover my data.

The latest version (2.5) contains a tool to repair damaged database files. It is automatically executed after each crash or process termination. If you haven’t upgraded to 2.5 yet I recommend doing so by downloading the latest setup from If the tool doesn’t fix the problem for you, let us know and we will try to improve it.

Also, the most common causes of malformed database are when

a) The computer is forcefully shutdown while eM Client is writing data to the disk (eg. downloading e-mails, synchronizing events, etc.). Note that just forcefully terminating the eM Client process is not sufficient to corrupt the database.

b) There are physically bad sectors on the disk

In both cases most of the data could usually be recovered using the aforementioned tool, but the case with bad sector needs other recovery steps as well.


Thanks for the quick response. I downloaded and installed eM Client 2.5 and it corrected the problem with full recovery of the data.

I have the same problem, i try to repair, i try to instal again emclient, but the problem is the same disk image malformed, i ́m not a free user and i don ́t have any answer to my tickets

Have upgraded tp latest version & although it was running fine yesterday, today I am back to normal with the database crashing & seemingly no way to recover back to normal operation. Any ideas?


if DbRepair tool and DbRepairRebuildAll from download location… didn’t work you can rename your database files folder C:\Users[your user name]]\AppData\Roaming\eM Client (for Vista and higher) or C:\Documents and Settings[username]\Application Data\eM Client to e.g. eM Client.damaged.

But i must warn you this will remove all your settings and running eM Client will create new empty database.