Database disk image malformed

I keep getting this error message  - I did try uninstalling, reinstalling per the guidance here but it keeps on coming back.   I also have the log file but not sure how to attach it here.  

Super irritating - my email still works but i have to deal with this the entire time (keeps on popping back up).    Seems like it started when i upgraded to the last version.

Hello Jeanne,

Unfortunately, it seems that there is a problem with your database.

  1. Create a backup of the current database in Menu > File > Backup
  2. If you have data stored locally in the local folders or in POP3 accounts, export this data in Menu > File > Export. You can also export the eM Client settings into .xml file
  3. Note that you have to close eM Client before making any changes in the database location, proceeding without closed eM Client can cause the program crash.
  4. Locate the database folder. It’s by default saved in: C:\Users%CurrentUser%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client
    To locate AppData folder you need to view hidden folders in Windows:
  5. Delete/rename the eM Client folder.
  6. Starting eM Client again will create a new database. Now just set the accounts again and if needed, import the previously exported locally stored data and settings in Menu > File > Import.