Database Currupted - Repairing is destroying me

Every day or so I get a default repair of the database. Sometimes caused by eMC not closing properly, sometimes it has simply crashed and sometimes due to Teams causing Windows 11 to crash. Either way it takes around 40-50 minutes to repair itself.

Right now I have a Zoom meeting scheduled in 5 minutes time and I need to go through some emails with my team. I do not have access to my emails as eMC is repairing itself after it crashed. I will have to tell three people to cancel the call and maybe reconvene in 45 minutes or so. So, it is not only wasting my time, but the time of three other people.

Other email clients do not have this “feature”. I moved away from another well known client that never did this. In that program I could run a repair on the database files when I wanted to. It was part of a “maintenance” function. If i did not run the maintenance function for some time I never actually lost emails or had other issues. It was just good discipline to run the maintenance once in a while. And yes, it did sometimes need to repair some files.

There has to be some way to avoid this ridiculous situation… How do other programs manage this. I have never had a situation where I have to stop working for 40 minutes due to an email client needing to take itself off-offline for such a long time.

I live in email. If I cannot work with my email when I need to, I cannot do anything. I can only sit back and wait. I have now installed a second email client in parallel so that i can at least read my email while I am waiting.

Someone will no doubt respond by saying that I need to make sure windows and eMc closes properly and all my troubles will go away… Bur seriously, Windows does crash. And eMC does crash. Even when I manually close the program correctly it becomes corrupted sometimes. It is a fact of life. How many people in this forum can say they have never seen the “repairing” window come up?

Why does it need to shut down all the accounts at the same time? Why not repair one account at a time? Can this really not be a background task?

It is slowly becoming a deal killer… and embarrassing. This is my number one issue with eMC.


I suggest trying Mozilla Thunderbird. It’s not as robust as eM Client but it’s free. Otherwise, if I were you, I’d go back to Outlook.

On a side-note. You should reinstall Windows. Something is amiss with your Windows.