Database corruption

The frequency of DB errors/corruption reports is beginning to concern me. I have a Pro+Lifetime license and need confidence in my email software. It is all very well to say - ‘you have a DB issue’ - bad luck!. I would like to know what is causing these. You have had enough ‘logs’ submitted to get some idea what is causing the problems. I would appreciate some indication about what to watch out for. Backing up can just back up corrupt data, I’ve seen this often enough with other software. I like eM Client, I wouldn’t have a liftime license if I didn’t. 

Hi David,
database corruption can be caused when the application is uninitialized properly and frankly can be caused by multiple factors, naming them all could end up in a never ending post.

The only factor during which database corruption can occur and that we’re able to avoid with each update is an application crash, using the bug reports and crash reports our users are sending to us, we’re trying to improve the application over time so there’s less and less application issues that could cause this.

However database corruption can be caused by a computer crash, computer hard reset without closing the application first, if multiple computers access the same database folder, having database folder available on a network drive, etc.

Sometimes even system features can cause an application crash and thus a database crash, there’s just too many options to single out what is causing database corruption.

However keeping a database backup should let you avoid having any issues with restoring, the application also has a built in database check that you can run before backing up your data to make sure database is ok, by using IMAP accounts, you’re also avoiding risk at losing data as all your data should be backed up on your mail server.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for your reply Paul.

I am retired these 6 years and am old fashioned, I use POP3 not IMAP, I do not trust ‘cloud’ in any way. I used my first computer at college in the 60’s. I have ‘seen’ a lot of change over the years and experience tells me what to do to be sure.

I back up my emails independant of the DB (export eml) and then back that up to a remote drive. I am then certain. So even if there is a corrupted DB, for whatever reason, I am safe.

A back up via eM Client does not, it seems, result in the data being independant of the DB.

I am sure the devs’ are, as always, improving the client.

Cheers - David