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I use EMClient 7.0.26746.0 in the Pro-Version and have a problem that is apparantly EMClient of Windows 10 (64-Bit) does not shutdown properly when I shut down the computer. After each new start of the computer, EMClient makes a database check. That can not be right, what is to be done. May thanks in advance.

I use the same version of eM Client with Win 7 Pro and it acts in a similar fashion.  Often, eM Client crashes and I have to wait for the DB check.   V6 was more stable.

Apparently when you close eM Client, it runs through a shutdown routine that continues.  If you shut down the machine before it has completed that routine, that will trigger the database check when you restart it.  You can see this by opening Task Manager after you close eM Client. Scroll down and you will still it is still active. Wait until it finishes and disappears from the list. Then shutdown the computer.  This is clearly a design flaw that should be corrected.

I had the same problem on my old Win7 machine, and I continue to have the same problem on my new Win10 machine. v7.0.27943.0  Not always, but very frequently I have to wait for the database check on starting eM Client. This happens especially if eMC is in the taskbar when I shut down.

Hello everybody,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. This should be improved on in the next update (7.1). In the meantime, we’d please ask you for patience.


Can someone confirm whether or not this problem has actually been fixed (or at least “improved”) in 7.1 beta? 

Thanks!  Lance

Lance-- I am using 7.1 beta and in the two following situations, with eM Client open, I performed:

  1. Log off user account
  2. Reboot

In neither case did eM Client run the database check, so this issue appears to be resolved in 7.1

It is still doing it here with 7.1 beta on Win 10 Pro :frowning:
Still does the database check after every start of the PC.

Sorry to hear that, Tobias. Jay, was eMC 7.1 running, or in the system tray, when you rebooted?  I assume it was, which would suggest that the situation is ambiguous.

Thanks to you both for your reports!  Lance

I am using 7.0.28822.0. on Windows10.  I have a very large database.  When I close the program, it continues uninitializing in the background.  You can see this in Task Manager (processes).  If I try to turn off or reboot the machine before the program fully uninitializes, when I try to reopen the program after reboot, it will automatically default to the database check routine, which in my case can take 20 minutes or more - a major pain!

In my case it was closed, but I have found that after closing, the eM Client process will still be loaded invisible for about 1 minute. When restarting during that time, Windows simply “kills” it, leading to the database check.

Same here - giant database by now and it takes ages. I did not measure it, but it seems to me 7.1 takes much longer for the check than 7.0.

Same here, 5/26/2017  Its running in the system tray, minimized at shutdown.

The problem with version 7.1.30166.0 is the same as before, almost every system start a database check. eM Client ist running in system tray - minimized.

The problem exists in current version 7.1.30794.0 (Windows 7, 64-bit)
Have you any plans to resolve it?

The problem with eM Client not closing properly on Windows shutdown has been corrected and will be available in the next release.

To avoid this issue until the next version is released, please close eM Client a few seconds before shutdown of Windows. While that is not 100% effective, it is a fairly reliable workaround.

The workaround isn’t working on my computer.
I tried it by closing eM client, next I wait 20 minutes and after that reboot windows.
When I try to open eM Client next time I see dialog window with database check. :frowning:

Right, that is why I said it is not 100% effective.

Hopefully we will see a new release soon. Write to me at and I will give you a link for a newer version you can try to see if it is any better.