Database check failed, cannot even reinstall eM Client

The database check window displays with an X next to the "Checking for corrupt database item. At the bottom of the window it says that database verification and repairing failed with a Cancel button.

It shows this whenever I start the program. I’ve uninstalled the program and reinstalled, with no change. I’ve tried deleting/renaming the database, but there is no emclient folder in the users appdata/roaming folder.

I’m lost and don’t know what to do next. Where is the database? Why doesn’t a fresh reinstall fix the problem?

Hello Ben, it seems like some of your database data are corrupt, please try to run this utility and check if the issue persists. If it does I’m afraid your current database can not be restored and you have to create a new one, in order to do that navigate to your user/AppData/Roaming folder and rename or remove the current eM Client database. Next time eM Client opens it should automatically create a new database allowing you to setup your accounts from scratch or restore from an existing backup.

I have tried the rebuild, it doesn’t do anything. I cannot find the database in the location described. reinstalling doesn’t work as long as I have the corrupt database. WHERE IS IT? WHAT IS THE EXACT NAME?

Hello Michael, sorry but I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to. If you’re having issues with loading the database, please make a screenshot of any errors you might be seeing and submit them to use here on the forum for more information. By default the database is located in the Roaming folder and if the folder is removed eM client should automatically create a new database.