The eM Client crashed. I need to save the emails stored. Is there any converter to the database? I have important documents in emails, and get no access to them. How should I proceed?

Hi, can you still open eM client? When it crashes, can you see the crash log upon clicking “More information”, can you post the crash log here?
What version of eM client are you using?

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The eM Client freezes. I can not access anything. The version used is 6.0.20154.0. Follows the output generated by “emstackdump” file on the link below.

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The eM Client froze..

The eM Client froze. The program opens, but freezes on the homepage. Please find attached file created by emstackdump tool for verification. I await response and thank you.

Hi wesley, can you send me the crash log instead of the stack dump. When the application reopens after a crash there should be a a button “More information” which should show more information about this crash.

If you want access to your information, can you hold CTRL button while clicking on the eM Client’s icon and hold it until it loads. This should turn the application on in offline mode. Tell me if you can access your data then…

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I followed the instruction, and even then the application opens and freezes. I click a command, and the picture is fuzzy, and the hourglass loading appears. Message appears at the top stating that the eM Client is not responding. Not appear the “More Information” button. I was unable to access any data.

Hi this dialog should be shown when the application crashes:
if you click on show error, an error will be shown, please copy the error here to your next reply.

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I was unable to access the dialog box displayed . But I got the following message from windows :

Description :
  A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows .

Problem signature :
  Problem Event Name : Apphangb1
  Application Name: MailClient.exe
  Application Version : 6.0.20154.0
  Stamp Date / Time of Application : 533c0147
  Subscription Failed : 7973
  Type Failed : 256
  OS Version : 6.1.7601.
  Locale ID: 1046
  Additional Subscription with Fault 1 : 79737d0e5f4a83eca5129af75c49ebad
  Additional Subscription with Fault 2 : 7c59
  Additional Subscription with Fault 3 : 7c5960852eb551424503985827c558ff
  Additional Subscription with Fault 4 : 7973
  Additional Subscription with 5 Failed : 79737d0e5f4a83eca5129af75c49ebad
  Additional Subscription Failed 6 : 7c59
  Additional Subscription Failed 7 : 7c5960852eb551424503985827c558ff

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  C : \ Windows \ system32 \ en-US \ erofflps.txt

Hi, can you please send me an email with this error to , I have further instructions but I need you to run two files, which can’t be attached to this topic.

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Hello. I’m still awaited solution to my problem . I can not open my e- mail files. How should I proceed ?

Hi Wesley, I’m sorry that this issue has remained unresolved, are you still having the identical issue? Are you able to initialize eM Client? What version of eM Client do you have currently installed on your computer?

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