Data not migrating from Office 365

Upon migrating all of my data from Office 365, the emails migrated just fine, but the contacts and the calendar were blank. I used the import function 3 more times to import just the calendar with the same result. I opened MS Office and exported the calendar as an .ics file and then imported that .ics file into eM Client with the same result. This might cause one to think my calendar is empty, but the window during import shows 1500 items successfully migrating. In eM Client, the button next to “Calendar” in the left column is checked. I am trying to import my current calendar and an archived calendar. Ideas? Thank you.

Is the “Local Folders” setting option selected?

Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, it is checked. I did scroll back a couple of years on the calendar and there I found all of the “archived” calendar that had migrated each of the four times I tried the migration so now each appointment is listed four times. But still nothing is showing for the main current Outlook Calendar migration.

Issue is now solved. I couldn’t get the calendar to import directly by using the eClient Import function without first exporting the calendar from Outlook.