Data integrity issue importing folders containing slashes

I imported all of my emails from Outlook Express, consisting of literally thousands of folders. I thought all had gone well until I tried to export them all to .eml files. Half way through the export it reports the following error:

An error occurred during the export: The system cannot find the path specified.

It failed on a folder that originally contained a slash, but eM Client shows it as a folder and subfolder. e.g. folder name “this/that” gets imported as folder “this” with subfolder “that”, but internally it still seems to be stored as a single folder otherwise the export function would work properly.

I have far too many folders to go through and find the ones containing slashes and manually rename them, so I can’t get my emails into eM Client.

It also makes me wonder whether the import routine is also silently failing to import folders or emails with other special characters. I only noticed this problem when trying to do an export.

Data integrity should be one of the highest priorities in an email client. What are the chances of getting the import fixed soon?


My colleague told me that you are already being served by paid support, in this case I am archiving this topic.