Darker character fonts: removal of light colored style

The very light (faint) grey font is something every optomitrist dislikes because it’s so difficult to see.

I’m referring to the icons themselves, the background text like FROM TO SUBJECT etc.

I would like to suggest either remove the light coloured fonts, add Acessibility options where users (especially the visually impaired) can bold the fonts, or allow others to create themes which allow them to change these fonts not just replace the color.

Here is a samples which appear very light to me. !

Another one here.

I agree. This is why I use the “Classic” theme, which is not all-white and does not have grey fonts. I want to read things, not burn my retinas. No need to follow every single idea Microsoft designers come up with. There is nothing modern or “pure” in too much white.

jueves 23 diciembre 2021 :: 0915hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @anon22125945

Yes, I also agree, it was more easy to edit the Theme, you can use the Theme Editor
or edit your specific XML file.

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I find the theme editor (better than nothing) but it’s frustrating to use as you can’t change a lot of areas which are problematic for me.