Darken end of previous month and beginning of next month when printing calendar

When printing a month of the calendar, it’d be nice if the ending days of the previous month and the beginning days of the next month were greyed out, or blank, resulting in ONLY the current month being printed on the calendar.

Ok, we will add this to our todo list. Thank you…

It would be nice if this could also be done in the calendar itself, not just for printing, if the current month could be a lighter color than the rest of the days in the calendar.

Agree with Tor Deforest
Especially for the color blind please

Any update on this?

We’ve developed the feature and it’s included in new versions of eM Client.

Why just for the print layout?
It also would be nice to have it in the eM Client view.

The contrast is still extremely subtle… could you also change the color of the thin bar background behind the date?