Dark Theme issue in version 7.2


I’ve noticed an issue using the Dark Theme in version 7.2. Basically when the client can’t change the colour of the background of some emails (the majority of emails in my experience) to the default dark grey, it looks like the text of the email is too close to the border of the UI. See image attached for reference. It looks really awful. Is there a way to turn off the dark emails background in the Dark Theme at all?

Thank you.

Yep, same issue here. Makes it for some reason really hard to follow the lines while reading mails.

To my eyes this looks very “amateurish”. All was well in the earlier versions. Why they changed it,  I have no idea. This is, what we call a “Verschlimmbesserung” in German. Thank God there are other themes.

I’ve also noticed that not even the emails that I send myself through eM Client get the dark background, so the feature is clearly broken. Let’s hope for a fix in the next update.

Ok, so I’ve made a fix that basically reinstates the white header and adds some changes to make the header information legible (links in both header and mail body are now orange).

I believe this should be a good enough solution until an official fix is released.

How to install.

Head to the gist that contains the complete theme file, copy the code into a file with an  .emtheme extension (i.e. Theme.emtheme ) then head to emClient settings, Appearance , Themes , click the Import… button, then find the file that contains the new theme code, select it, and at the end press Apply to make the new theme active.

Instead of doing the whole copy/paste thing you can just download an archive that already contains the Theme.emtheme file from here.

Thank you, works great!

For some odd reason the forum software has added a white space (%20) to both my links from the previous post and I don’t have an option anymore to edit it so once again here is an attempt to leave the correct links.

Gist: https://gist.github.com/brezanac/edc13c0d6b675cf7ea9a775ec2218a59
Zip archive: https://gist.github.com/brezanac/edc13c0d6b675cf7ea9a775ec2218a59/archive/1cfff91287974c5b0907146005…

Thank you very much sir :slight_smile: