Daily backup strategy?

I’m trying to sort out a daily backup system for eM client, but it seems that Export doesn’t include a number of nested local folders. It is imperative that I save these as well.
Therefore, would it best to make incremental/differential copies daily of the complete Em folder using say, Acronis True Image or is there a way to include ALL local folders?

Should I just do this for c:/documents and settings/appdata/em client or the complete folder in Program Files? I’m using win 7 HP 64.

Yes, that’s right, backuping this folder is sufficient. All the data eM Client uses is there.

OK Thanks. I was wondering about disk space, no point in saving stuff that I don’t need.

When I look in the main eM Client folder I don’t see the folders that contain all the mail. Which are the mail folders, are they within the maiprogram folder or in the AppData folder, or both?
I also see a load of ‘other’ language folders. I only need to keep the English versions.

Thank you Michal.

You only need to back up the data in: C:\Users%Current User%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client

You don’t need to look in the folder where the eM program is stored. Database is not located there.

Ah, thank you TNCS, clarification welcome!

I’ll do a restore to my other laptop and see if it shows all the nested folders that Export missed out.

Thanks again.

No problem. You don’t need to do a manual export. The database folder would include everything. Program/account settings, mails, calendars, etc.

Thanks again! Obliged.