cut problem on the screen

I cutted an email address. Later I saw the email address on the screen. I have to close and open the computer to clear the the email address on the screen.


can you please attach here screenshot of this issue?



this is well known bug caused by Internet Explorer, because eM Client use some of it’s functions it happens with our software also.

Anyway you need to contact Microsoft support line, we can’t help you with this issue.

Maybe update to the latest version of IE will help you to resolve this issue.


I am using Windows 10.  I have the same problem (it was also true in Windows 8 and 8.1).  If I try and block a section of text and drag it to move, it leaves  a “screen burn” (a screen “imprint” stays behind).  I can only get rid of it with a reboot.  It is very annoying.  This does not happen if I use Cut and Paste; just if I drag the block.

It doesn’t happen with any other file. 


Hi Derek,
as you can read above, this is unfortunately a problem with IE. This imprint usually stays behind if you press ESC while dragging the text.
Restarting the application gets rid of the imprint though, no need to reboot.

Best regards,

Interesting that this is said to be an IE problem.  While I have no way of knowing whether that is true or not, it is only happens in eM Client.  It is not a problem in any word processor I use, or in any previous email clients, or if I use, say, gmail, on the web.
Restarting the application does not help.  The screen imprint will stay there, no matter what I do, until I reboot.  Also note that I do not press ESC while dragging the text, just a block and drag.
If this is an IE problem, it seems that everyone but eM Client has been able to solve the problem.
BTW, love the program otherwise.  But this is very annoying.

Hello Derek,
it is indeed an IE problem and you experience it with eM Client because eM Client uses IE core to support some of it’s features (which obviously webmail, clients with different cores and text programs that don’t access internet don’t need to do, so they didn’t need to solve it.)
We are getting rid of the IE cores for version 7 though, as we wanted to avoid issues like this one in the future.
Can I ask which version of IE do you have installed in your computer? Maybe you do not have the latest version/updates?
Do you close the application completely or do you have the ‘Close to tray’ option enabled?