cut and paste ending up with different font sizes

eM Client 6.0.24928.0

Windows 7 64 bit

When I cut and paste words within the same email as I’m composing a new email all with the same font and font size and then after I use ‘Select All’ to highlight all text in order to change the font sizing for the entire email I just wrote I notice the words that were cut and pasted do not conform to the new font size.  I cannot change the font size of the cut and pasted words to be the same as all the rest of the text that was newly sized.

I cut by highlighting and using right mouse command ‘Cut’

I paste by using Lctr-v or right mouse menu command [Paste as Text].

I discovered what is causing this issue.  After copy or cut when I select paste or key in Lctrl-v the issue will occur however if I choose paste as text or key in ctrl-sft-v the issue doesn’t occur.  paste as text must be used to avoid this.

Hello Fitness,
thank you sharing a workaround to this issue, choosing to remove the original formatting should work as well.
We’ll look into this though, as applying the new formatting should work for all selected text.