Customize top toolbar buttons. Add/Remove/Rearrange.

Customize top toolbar buttons. Add/Remove/Rearrange.

I would like to set ‘Show Text Labels’ in place of ‘Selective Text’,
which will show text label of each button under the icon.

I would use a ‘Request Read Receipt’ button in the new message
window to easily see and change the current status of it.

Yes, it would be great to have ability to rearrange buttons.

The feature to customize the toolbar is crucial to me. It’s the reason why I am not migrating from outlook.

Any news on this feature request?

No, we did not make it yet because of lot of other features with higher priority.

Thanks for the update George… eM is an excellent email client and we’re all looking forward to any new/improved features.


yes please…loving eM but this would really help!


Unfortunately we are not planning to implement this in close future because we focus on more required features requested by our clients/users.

with regards

I think the main problem is that the button you have to press to check your mail is on the far right, which goes against the convention of pretty much every other windows email client I can think of.

It’s a bit like how IE moved the Home button to the far right. Just feels wrong somehow.

Yes, if I could move the “Send and Receive” button to the front of the list I’d feel a lot more comfortable using eM Client.


“Send and Receive” is on left side and directly above Emails list. And users can push “F5” instead of this which is even faster way.

as for toolbar customization, we still do not plan to change anything about it. We have to spend our time onto features and issues which requires more attention at the moment.

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Hello Jim,

On my copy of eM Client, the “Send and Receive” button is second-from-the-far-right, next to the “Invite to eM Client” button.

I’m using eM Client 5.0.18661.0. The buttons are in this order: New, Reply, Reply All, Forward, Print, Archive, Move to Junk, Delete, Send and Receive, and Invite to eM Client.

I checked the video introduction on eM Client’s website to see if something was wrong with my configuration, and 19 seconds in, you can see the “Send and Receive” button on the far right.

Am I missing something really simple and need more coffee? :slight_smile:

I just inadvertently duplicated this topic. Sorry.

Like Zeus, I’d like to move the “Send and Receive” button to the far left of the interface.

if everything is like on this screenshot then it is like it is supposed to be :slight_smile: (except for that touch mode button)

anyway on that video it is same as in 5th and 6th version, to be honest I am quite confused now.

Also customizable toolbar is not planned in close future as we need to attend issues and features with higher priority now.

with regards

Shame. I also really want a Customize Toolbar feature to be implemented, for the following reasons:

  • Icons are too small, I would prefer them to be about double the current height.

  • “Move to Junk” is in too close proximity to “Delete”. I have accidentally moved mail to junk several times, when I have no need for this feature on my current junk-free accounts - I just hit that button sometimes by mistake when trying to delete mail. I know, i could just right-click or use the keyboard, but the toolbar is there for convenience, yes?

Icon size can be enlarged with making Windows DPI higher.
Delete can be done also by (default) keyboard shortcut “shift + delete”.


Hello John,

I’m a little confused by your replies. First you said,

“Send and Receive” is on left side and directly above Emails list.

But later, you post a picture of the toolbar, and the “Send and Receive” button is on the right side of the toolbar, not the left.

Did you originally mean to say “Send and Receive is on the right side”?

Nope, I agree that it is confusing, but for me it is still leftside from centre of eM Client window when maximized to “fullscreen”

I am sorry for this confusion.


I’d like to see an “Archive” button next to the delete button on the main email list toolbar.  I archive much more than I delete.

I love this software.  Going to pay event though I don’t need to. Just figured out how to Archive, but an Archive button on the top menu would be a big plus. 

It would also be good to add a ton of space between reply/replyall/forward and mark/delete/archive.

Thank you for your great work, but more for your excellent thinking.