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I was’t quite sure how to categorize this question so forgive the newbie if it has been discussed.

In order to limit the space I use in my IMAP accounts, I have a local folder in which I save and store important messages (call it the “Important” folder). in Outlook, depending on the version, I used a macro and later the customizable “move message to” function which allowed me to show the Important folder alone or at least at the top of a list. I was able to replicate that functionality in Postbox. Is there any way to do that in eM?

Second, completely unrelated question - can I thread conversations in eM?

Hi Mark, conversations view is unfortunately not an available feature in eM Client, yet, however it should be available in an upcoming release that we’re currently working on.

If you want to manually move to a local folder or use a rule to do so, first thing you need to do is to enable Local folders in eM Client, navigate to Tools > Settings > General and check the option “Show local folders”.

After you do so, Local folders should be displayed below your accounts in the left pane, allowing you to move or copy the message into it’s subfolders.

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Thanks Paul. Local folders were already enabled since eM pulled local folders when it imported my Outlook setup (did a great job). The problem is a lot of local folders and I wanted to get them to the top. I guess I need to reduce the number of them :slight_smile:

Hi again Mark, unfortunately it is not possible to move Local folders above all your accounts or assign them to separate accounts in the left pane.

However you should be able to create a search folder that would search for terms in selected folders allowing you to display specified messages quickly from the left pane.

Smart folders are always displayed above the accounts if enabled.

Hope this helps,