Customizable keyboard shortcuts for all buttons and menu items

In a number of applications I use daily, there is a window (or options pane) that lists all of the commands (menu or button related) that can be assigned a keyboard shortcut. From this list, I can assign any unreserved keyboard shortcut to any command.

I’d love to see a similar feature in eM Client.

I understand that some commands in eM Client are context-sensitive (not global to the application), and therefore, some of the current keyboard shortcuts are assigned to commands specific to the context. (Ctrl-N for example.)

Perhaps this list of available commands would first list all of the global commands, and then the non-global commands would be grouped by context. In this manner, you could “re-use” keyboard shortcuts across different contexts. In other words, a keyboard shortcut could be used only once per context – or once globally.


More and hopefully configurable shortcuts are essential to efficiently use an email client (eg. quickly applying categories!).

We’re currently looking at migrating our office to a new standard email client, but simple things as this could be a show stopper.

Other than that emClient looks really solid!

PS: Being able to opt-in & out accounts of the “Smart Folders” would be useful, too!

Funny… we are at the same place. Looking at purchasing over 200 licenses but the button bar is one of the director’s biggest comments.

Could you please tell me what you would like to change?

Being able to customize the “button bar”. Most applications now days will let us add our own buttons to the button bar and on a 24" monitor we have a lot of room for buttons. :wink:

  1. Mark all read
  2. Delete all
  3. Purge all
  4. Delete/empty deleted
  5. “Today”

For examples…

OK, we will certainly consider it!

similar to my iDea / Need.…

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Operations windows - Shortcut ( to Review the progress of Send or Recieve ).

need to have a shortcut to make visible of windows of the Send/Recieve windows - called “operation” in eM Client 5.0, always have to click " i " on bottom-left is not so convenience.

because eM Client need quite a Very FAST bandwidth for sending (big) / recieving email.

I need to monitor the process.

em client 5.0.18025.0

Thanks for consideration.
from GEEK / Nerd guy.

Hello, can I ask you what is problem here? You can one click onto “i” in bottom left bar and it will show, also you can open it before synchronization and it will show you whole process. Also eM client use same bandwith as other email client… so far we do not consider this as it is already partially implemented and we see no reason to make shortcut for this. also please write into one topic for one issue/question/idea etc… regards Jan

Migrating over from Thunderbird, I especially miss the shortcuts to assign a category to each email. In TB, you simply click a number key between 1 and 6 and the corresponding category is assigned. Press the same key again to remove it, hit 0 to remove all. Having categories really helps me organize my inbox, and this is one major challenge getting used to eM.

We have already internally implemented customizable shortcuts into the version 6 so you can expect it soon.

THANK YOU! Just bought the license for emClient today. :wink:

I did not read fully. So the “button bar” is not coming… darn. ;(

Unfortunately no,but keyboard shortcuts are now fully editable as promised :slight_smile:

with regards

Any updates on this yet please? I would like to have shortcut buttons to “create task from email” and “assign category” for example.

This is the only thing preventing me from purchasing multiple business licenses at the moment…

Any updates on this yet please? I would like to have shortcut buttons to “create task from email” and “assign category” for example.

This is the only thing preventing me from purchasing multiple business licenses at the moment…

Hi, everything planned for shortucts is already implemented. We are now focusing on implementing other features and repairing other issues which now requires more attention.


Well, maybe this is a good time to revisit this decision. I can only second this request. Please create customizable shortcut buttons, or, at least offer all menu items for shortcuts assignments!

I write emails in English and German, and switching the proof reader via multiple clicks in the menu is a real PITA. I sure wish that I could configure a shortcut button to toggle between multiple languages!


Hi Michael, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider improving this in future releases of eM Client.

Thank you,