Customise "from" email address?

Are you able to customise the “from” email address when sending an email? Note I don’t want to switch email accounts, just want to edit the from email address. This is possible in Thunderbird.

Why? Cause i use multiple email address from my domain to manage spam. So for example when emailing untrusted 3rd parties I use different email addresses.

Currently evaluating emClient, love it, but without this functionality I’ll have to look elsewhere.

You can’t edit the address on-the-fly, but you can set it up in advance.

Go to Menu > Accounts, then click on the Aliases button next to your email address.


When you want to select a different address, just click the down-arrow in the new message window.

Of course aliases very much depend on your email provider allowing you to send from an address different to the one you log in to their server with. That is the same with Thunderbird.

Thanks Gary, I’ve got that working, another tick for eM Client.

On-the-fly editing would be really useful as it cuts out that additional step of creating an alias + I can envisage the dropdown list of aliases becoming quite large over time. Do you know if this feature has been requested before?

Yes, I remember a few comments requesting it. Of course there is no way to know what is planned, so it is always a surprise when a new version is released and something you requested years ago suddenly appears, or not.