Custom sorting for activities

I recently started using activities on emClient. It’s a cool feature and i would like to use it more, but i have some questions:

Sorting: I’d like to create some groups like “evaluate”, “do”, “work in progress” and i’m using labels for that. But i need to apply a secondary sorting, say like a “priority”. In my work i create some activities and say, for “do” activities my boss phones me and says “put activity XYZ in top priority then activity YZX then…” and maybe next week it phones me and reschedules some activity. I tried using dates to place them in the correct order but it’s cumbersome (i don’t have a real due date) and not always i manage to place them correctly.

Link to the original mail: the activity contains a “copy” of the generating mail but i coudn’t find a link to the original mail with senders. I mean… when i finished working on an activity i need to send a mail to the customer and i need to search the archive for the original mail because i cannot send the mail directly to the original sender from the activity panel.

Is it possible with some tricks?

Thanks! Umberto