Custom shortcuts for quicktext


How can i set shortcuts to the quicktext by myself? The problem is, that the quicktext will be sorted alphabetical. And with every new quicktext the shortcuts changes.

And i want to set the shortcut ctrl-shift-1 for the greeting. But in my case it’s on ctrl-shift-3 and the adoption is on the 1.

And i didn’t find a way to change this.

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Is there any response to this?


I forgot that i wrote that post, 'cause there was no answer.

You can sort the Quicktext in “Options / E-Mail / Quicktext” and there’s a button like “Manage Quicktext” below your entries. If you click on that button you will find two arrows on the top of the windows. With that you can sort your Quicktext.

I hope that’s the right translation, because i work with the german version of emClient.