Cursor freezes when typing, since update to 7.1.33101.0

Since the most recet update (to 7.1.33101.0), when typing anything in eM Client, every few seconds the cursor (and pprogram itself) just freezes for 3-4 seconds. Whatever is typed during the freeze does show up when the freeze is over, but it is very distracting.  Any ideas on the cause, or a fix?

Not sure what it could be John, but you can always downgrade to the previous version if that was working for you.

To do that download the version you were using from, then close and uninstall eM Client. You will not lose any of your data or settings. Install the previous version and use as normal.

Thaks for the idea. Unfortunately, though, this new version corrects another problem I’ve had with eM Client. So downgrading doesn’t work in this case.  If there are any additional possibilities, I’d appreciate hearing them.

I am in the same situation with an unrelated issue. I guess you have to decide which issue you can live with and choose the appropriate version. What would be nice is to see a complete change log, so we know what has been fixed. When a new version is released I have to go through all my open support tickets testing each bug to see what has been fixed. :wink:

Really? Downgrade of live with it? 
“When” a new version is released – no estimation?

There are a lot of several years old error messages with “will be fixed in a new version” – still open, regardless, that there where several “new versions”.

I have to appologize myself for laughing loud and heartly.

Yes, there are not huge changes between the last few service releases, so downgrading is an absolute fix. Sometimes it is better to avoid minor releases altogether, unless they address specific issues you are having. That is my point above about it being nice to see a complete changelog. If there are no new features (and there weren’t in any of the 7.1 subsequent releases) and there is no fix you need for a specific issue, why upgrade at all?

Come on NoSi, if it was working on 7.1.32792 but then not on 7.1.33101, it does not take a lot of intelligence to see that going back to the version that what was working is a sound decision. Or do I have it wrong?

BTW I heard yesterday from Support that 7.2 will be released soon. I guess you will just need to see what soon means, but I don’t think it will be that far away. :slight_smile:

In my opinion downgrading is never an option should be told in an open user forum as solution. I admit that my comment was quite harsh. But reading this tip made me angry.

If as you say, that only a little update caused the error, another little update can solve this. This is the only direction, that has no connection to intelligence – it is fundamental to raise the trust of the users into a development team, that every update is an improvement, regardless, if the digits of the version change in first or last place. But this is a very fragile connection that can be heavily disturbed by ignoring supposed “minor” problems. And “downgrading” as solution touches this emotional sensitive field.

Vice versa, it is essential for the development team, to have as much users with the most current version as possible, for getting feedback for improvements and bug fixing. Most users prefer small but continuous improvements instead of big steps that often change things they where used to. In the end it may be the same result, but given in portions it is much easier to handle for users.

But if you tell them “wait for major releases” this increases the potential for frustration on both sides. The presented version is typically only tested by few beta testers, the big amount of users will discover things that where overlooked (which is absolutely normal) and get angry about the fact, that possibly another year will pass by for the urgently required fix.

Reading through this forum, this behavior is currently my personal impression for the “preferred development tactics”: there are several bugs in essential functions known since years but it seems as if this is bothering only users, that give up involving themselves into the product after a while. I am personally very close to this point.

I have been working in the IT market for over 40 years and have seen various products that have gone this way. Most of them are now forgotten.