Ctrl-Shift-V and then type job number does not work correctly

Ctrl+Shift+V and then type job number does not work correctly.
When I hit Ctrl+Shift+V to move an email to a folder I have a heirachy with job numbers followed by names.
ie. 110022 - BLABLAH

In windows and outlook if you start typing the number it will jump to the relevant folder (thus requiring no mouse input).

Ie if I wanted to go to job 120068 I would press 1,2,0,0,6,8 and then I would be on it.

In eM Client if I press 1 I got to a job started with 1, then when I press 2 it takes me to a job starting with 2; not a job with the numbers 12XXX.

Can a timeout be added of a few seconds between button presses so I can not use the mouse when moving folders between the file structure?

Hi, unfortunately the quick search only works for the first letter (first pressed button), it can’t be currently changed, but there’s already been a request to change this.
It might be improved in future releases but it’s not definite.

Thank you for understanding, I hope you can manage to use the current settings,

Hey Guys,
Has there been any movement on this item since my post 3 months ago?

Hi Shane, no unfortunately the feature you’ve requested is under consideration, this is currently not considered an issue as this is the intended behavior.
However it might improve in future releases.

Thank you for understanding,

Just thought I’d touch base and see if this was changed in the final version?

Can you please specify the question, please note this topic is almost a year old, are you having some issues with the application?

I wanted to see if the quick search had been updated on this time. Been stuck with Outlook because of this one thing.

The behavior of this feature remains the same, only the first character will navigate you through the folder list, however this feature is on our todo list and should be adjusted in future releases.

Hi Paul,
Just checking in to see if this had changed?

Hi Just thought I’d pop back and see if any work had been done on this front? I would imagine its relatively simple to add a delay between keypresses? Cheers

Hello Shane,
please understand that considering and implementing new features is a time-consuming process. While this is a good idea that might be implemented in the future, it has not been on the priority list, as eM Client has still many other missing features that our developers seen as more crucial to work on first.
Thank you for your understanding.


Evening Olivia,
I am once more checking to see if this feature has been added. Surely I’m not the only person who thinks a time out between button presses would be a useful feature?
Thanks in advance.

I would like to report back that this has been fixed and is working perfectly. I’ve already replaced 2 machines with more to come!